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How Reece Thompson SOLD 203 properties in the past 12 months


At the beginning of a new financial year, most people make “resolutions”… but for those who are serious about leveling up in the next 12 months ahead, a resolution isn’t enough. There’s got to be action… when you watch this recording of sales...


How to book more listing appointments in 2020

getting the listing Feb 19, 2020

We have one simple mission in this webinar recording, to help you book more listing appointments and get in front of more potential sellers in 2020.

The year has barely started but from all reports buyers are thick on the ground, so 2020 is shaping up to be a good recovery year.

Here is what I...


The 3 key rules to fee negotiation

getting the listing Aug 18, 2019

These 3 keys will help your seller understand exactly why YOU are the BEST agent to help them sell - while most agents are forced to accept lower fees.


How to book more listing appointments

getting the listing Jun 23, 2019

In this short video I share the 5 step formula to help improve your prospecting strike rate to book more listing appointments.


The appraisal follow up blueprint

getting the listing Nov 18, 2018

In this short video, we discuss the 3 step appraisal follow up blueprint to complete after the listing presentation to ensure you secure the listing.

This blueprint will seriously boost your chances of turning an appraisal into a listing. Here are the exact actions to take you from appraisal to...


How to get more seller referrals from past clients

getting the listing Sep 16, 2018

Do you want to get more listings by growing your referral network? watch this quick video as we show you the exact steps to do it.

I’m delighted to share what I know if you find the video of benefit make sure to give it a share.


The three step pre-listing system essential to winning the listing

getting the listing Aug 26, 2018

If Real Estate success is a marathon then the listing presentation is the sprint to finish first. In this short video, we discuss the 3 key pre-listing steps essential to winning the listing.


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