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Why many owners reject the first (good) offer

vendor management Jan 20, 2020

For as long as I have been in Real Estate (20 years) I have seen the same story repeat its self-countless times where the agent launches a new hot listing and brings the seller an exceptional offer early only for the seller to reject that offer and weeks later the property sells for a lesser...


Four steps to world-class vendor management


In this short video, I share my four-step process to delivering world-class vendor management, as we all know an informed vendor will make an informed decision, a uniformed vendor will make a uniformed decision.

This simple but effective system will help improve your vendor management and let the...


How to get home sellers to accept offers

vendor management Sep 01, 2019

Do you know what separates the best agents from the wannabes? It's the ability to get deals over the line and get good offers accepted.

Extraordinary agents have the ability to help a seller see what a good offers looks like in the current market and have the ability to help the vendor feel good...


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