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In-house coaching with Aaron Shiner. Hands-on, interactive team training.

Kick Start in-house team coaching is designed to provide you and your team with a clear roadmap of “what to do” and “how to do it” designed to build camaraderie, team culture, momentum and results for the year ahead.

Hands on, interactive in-house coaching to take your team to the next level.

This is not your typical training where you attend a conference and listen to a speaker for the day. Aaron spends a full day in your office, this is hands-on and interactive. Aaron will help you implement systems and processes while he’s in your office. You will cover exactly what is important to you to take your team to the next level.


Some of the things Aaron will be covering:

Module 1

Energy management & goal setting

Module 2

Prospecting & marketing

Module 3

The three stages of securing the listing - Pre-listing, the listing presentation, appraisal follow up

Module 4

Negotiation & working with buyers

At Kick Start...

You’ll have the chance to set new goals, learn how to prospect effectively, Implement a marketing plan to attract new sellers, enhance your listing presentation and become one of the best negotiators in your market place. Learn all the world-class scripts and dialogues you’ll ever need, be exposed to all the systems, level up your skills and make 2024 your year.

The best part about in-house coaching is you’ll receive a full training library of all the audio and video, forms, letters, checklists, procedures and tangible recourses.

Moving forwards you will have a clear road map and implementation plan to follow.

It’s time to get all the systems, all the processes your office will ever need to dominate your market place and build rapid momentum for the next 12 months ahead.

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"Aaron's coaching is a no brainer for us. We have almost doubled annual commission and we dominate with a 42% market share. These are not just good strategies, they are industry best ideas."

Mark Theodore
Richardson Real Estate Colac

Attendees will also receive Aaron’s coaching library of resources:

  • Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues audio
  • Real Estate Brand You video and audio
  • On Top Of Your Game audio
  • The Real Estate Roadmap
  • Aaron’s Listing Presentation and Pre-Listing Kit
  • Aaron’s 12 Month marketing and prospecting plan
  • Aaron’s Action plans, letters, forms, email/SMS templates and checklists

The Kick Start Guarantee

You will get immediate, actionable and tangible tools, ideas, scripts, letters, concepts and strategies to install straight into your business. This is where the best get better.

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