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How to book more listing appointments in 2020

getting the listing Feb 19, 2020

We have one simple mission in this webinar recording, to help you book more listing appointments and get in front of more potential sellers in 2020.

The year has barely started but from all reports buyers are thick on the ground, so 2020 is shaping up to be a good recovery year.

Here is what I know…The agents who will excel in 2020 will be the agents who secure the listings.

Here is a very simple rule to follow to secure more listings for the next 12 months ahead…

Are you ready…

The agent who books more listing appointments will secure more listings,  so here is the mission in 2020… make communicating with potential sellers your DAILY PRIORITY, nothing is more important this year.

On this webinar, we cover the ideas and systems TO HELP YOU BOOK MORE LISTING APPOINTMENTS…

Whether you’re just starting in the industry or are a seasoned agent, anyone can benefit from this training session. So if you’re looking to get in front of more sellers win more listings in the coming months, check out the recording now.


Download the PDF workbook here


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