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How to Create a Powerful Commitment Video for Turning Appraisals into Listings

getting the listing Feb 19, 2024

Ever wonder what magic formula separates those who convert appraisals into listings from those who leave them on the table? Let me tell you, it's not rocket science. In fact, it boils down to one thing: commitment. But not just any commitment, a commitment video.

Now, hold on before you roll your eyes and think, "Aaron, I barely have time to eat, let alone record videos!" Before you tune out, hear me out: this isn't just some random TikTok trend. This is a game-changer, and here's why:

Imagine this. You've just finished an appraisal, the energy is good, and you feel a genuine connection with the seller. They're considering their options, maybe interviewing other agents. What do you do? Crickets? No way! That's prime commitment video territory.

Now, before you panic, remember, this isn't Hollywood. This is a quick, authentic video (or even audio!) sent after the appraisal, reconfirming your enthusiasm and outlining your winning strategy.

Think of it as a warranty: you're not just promising a good price, you're guaranteeing the best price through a combination of:

  • The right sales method: Tailored to their property, maximizing its value.
  •  A killer marketing campaign: Frequency, reach, and content designed to attract the perfect buyer.
  •  Your negotiation expertise: You + the right strategy = top dollar.

But more importantly, it's about connection. The video allows you to reiterate the rapport you built, reminding them why you're the perfect fit.

Now, I know you're itching to see the magic words, but hey, you gotta play ball! Record your own commitment video based on the video above and see the results for yourself. Trust me, those "maybes" will turn into "hell yeahs" in no time!


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