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Level Up Your Follow-Up Game: How to Reappoint Instead of Convert

getting the listing Mar 06, 2024

Let's talk appraisal follow-up. You know, that crucial stage where you can turn a "maybe" into a "YES, let's sell this house!" But are you stuck in the "just checking in" rut? You're not alone. Most agents focus on converting, which can backfire.

Here's the secret: Shift your goal from conversion to reappointment. Why? Because people see through the "just checking in" script.

Think about it: that post-appraisal energy fades with time. A month later, that amazing first impression might be overshadowed by another agent's persistent texts.

So, how do you stand out? Ditch the impersonal messages. Focus on getting another face-to-face meeting. Eye contact builds trust, which is key to landing the listing.

Here's the bonus: most listings aren't won at the presentation, they're won in the following 30 days. By setting the right tone in your follow-up, you'll be top-of-mind when it's decision time.

Ready to ditch the "just checking in" dance and level up your follow-up game? discover powerful strategies and become the agent everyone remembers – for the right reasons!


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