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Strategies for a shifting market – an interview with Jacqui Crapp


Right now, agents everywhere have been telling me how tough it is to get deals across the line with the interest rates rapidly rising. All of this means one thing – As a great agent, it’s your responsibility to better EDUCATE and INFORM both buyers and sellers. In today’s interview, we speak to one of Australia’s best agents and focus on their top strategies for a shifting market.

When you read about agents selling one hundred and fifty million dollars worth of property in a year, you automatically assume they are selling prestige properties in the most expensive parts of Australia, But not Jacqui Crapp, Jacqui works in regional NSW (Berry)

You can read more about Jacqui Crapp below… Jacqui’s success as a super salesperson AND team leader leaves plenty of clues.

Take a look over Jacquie’s accomplishments in the past 12 months

  • More than $3,000,000 in Gross commission income
  • Over $157,000,000 in property sales
  • REB Top 50 Women in Australian Real Estate (Year on year)

In today’s interview “Strategies for a shifting market”, we cover the essentials to ensure you are market fit for the next 12 months ahead, Including Jacqui’s top four strategies to thrive in a shifting market.

Just a few of the things we will train on

  • Jacqui will show you the system she uses to manage her days on the market
  • How to better educate sellers to accept good offers early in the campaign
  • Jacqui will show you how she is booking listing appointments even with the changes to interest rates that are dominating the media right now.

This interview will give you strategies for a shifting market, and as normal this interview is with our compliments – so pay it forwards and share with your fellow agents, and build some momentum together…


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