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Your three step Spring marketing campaign

The peak selling season has arrived – and we have prepared a three-step campaign (with templates and scripts) to help you book more appraisals and get a jump on your competition. Ready?... Let's get started! 

The time has arrived now that interest rates have leveled out (and many experts predict we have now hit the peak) and we are entering the peak selling season of Spring – making it the perfect time to reconnect with your past appraisals from the first half of this year and book more appointments.

To help you do this I have prepared a three-step campaign (including templates and scripts) to help you book more appointments immediately. Let’s get started!

First up – identify your past appraisals

This campaign is targeted at your completed appraisals from the first six months of 2023 (from 1st January to 30th June 2023), who haven’t signed with an agent. Identify this list in your CRM and prepare for step one. 

Step 1: Send SMS 

The first step of this campaign is to send an SMS to these appraisals, updating them on the current state of the market and advising them that now is the time to sell. Feel free to tweak this template to suit your requirements and your personal brand.

Hi FirstName, AgentName from Agency here. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken, and obviously so much is happening in the Spring market right now that interest rates are on hold. A lot of my clients use this time of the year to get an updated equity check on their home, so if you would like to know the NEW Spring value of your property, please reply to this SMS and we can arrange a time to catch up.

 Step 2: Phone call

The next step is to reach out and call your past appraisals. The key points to deliver on your call are:

Five reasons to sell this Spring

  • Historically we see more sales in Spring
  • We are seeing an increase in buyer activity
  • Buyers' pre-approvals running out
  • Interest rates on hold indicate we are near the peak
  • Historically strong prices are recorded in Spring

 We’ve prepared a script for you to use when making your calls. Keep these scripts handy when making your calls:

  • “It’s been a while since we’ve had a chat, so I thought I’d just give you a call because we have now entered the peak selling season of Spring. Spring is typically/traditionally the best time of the year to sell, because we see buyer activity increase – and now that interest rates are on hold all the early signs indicate that this year will be no different.”
  • The second thing now is that interest rates are leveling out, purchasers who were on the fence about buying are getting off the fence and are making buying decisions, and people who pushed pause on their buying journey have now pressed play. 
  • “Typically each Spring with see new records get set and old records fall, do you want a chance at a great selling result?  here at AgencyName have put together a Spring Selling Plan that can show you how we can get you a premium result.”

Step 3: Send Spring report

For those who aren’t looking to book an appointment right now, send them a Spring Report. This report provides an overview of your market, your recent success, and testimonials, which provides a valuable touch point for your clients.

Tip: The team at Jigglar have prepared a beautiful Spring market review template, which you can easily create and customize to suit your needs with their easy-to-use online tools. Take a look at Jigglar and create your Spring report now.


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