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Turn Neighbors into Sellers: Grow Your Database with This Simple Script


Every real estate agent dreams of a robust database overflowing with potential sellers. But cracking that door open can feel tricky. This video script offers a clever solution, using the power of social proof and a dash of FOMO (fear of missing out) to nudge neighbors towards sharing their contact details. Let's break it down:

Step 1: Highlight their beautiful property: Start by acknowledging their stunning home. This creates a connection and subtly plants the seed that they might consider selling down the line.

Step 2: Introduce the "neighbor update": Mention a valuable property report you send to neighbors, filled with local market insights and recent sales data. Emphasize it's not tied to selling – just keeping them informed.

Step 3: Leverage social proof: Casually drop that you're already sending this report to "a few of your neighbors." This taps into the human tendency to follow the crowd, making them more likely to join.

Step 4: Trigger FOMO: The magic happens here. You ask, "Would you also like to be included?" This subtly implies they'd be missing out on valuable information if they decline.


The Psychology Behind It:

This script works because it:

    • Builds trust: Highlighting their property shows you know the area and care about their interests.
    • Offers value: The free report positions you as a knowledgeable expert, not just a salesperson.
    • Uses social proof: By mentioning existing neighbors, you create a sense of safety and belonging.
    • Triggers FOMO: The fear of missing out motivates them to act quickly and join the informed group.

Beyond the Script:

Remember, delivery is key. Speak warmly, confidently, and genuinely interested in helping them stay informed. And don't forget to follow up promptly with the promised report!

By using this script and understanding the psychology behind it, you can turn neighborly chats into valuable database additions, setting yourself up for future success.


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