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Top 25 Real Estate Marketing Templates - A PDF guide

resources Dec 08, 2019

Want to see the top 25 real estate marketing templates for the next 12 months ahead?  Click below to get your free copy of the top templates as voted by downloads from actual Jigglar agents.

Heres what you get

  • The top 25 templates downloaded by actual real estate agents
  • Strategies and instructions for each one so you can replicate easily
  • Instructions on how to download the actual templates for free

The Top 25 Real Estate Marketing Templates is packed full of useful templates that will help your real estate journey and the best thing is you can use Jigglar to create each one of these templates within a couple of minutes. There’s instructions against each template for how to use it as well. So click the button below to download your copy.

Every template in the Top 25 can be created for FREE with Jigglar

Jigglar is a DIY graphics tool that lets you create amazing real estate flyers and social media posts from a range of stunning lead generating and marketing templates.

It’s easy to use, saves you money & time, and unlike other tools its 100% real estate


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