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The Ten Traits of Top Performers

resources Nov 24, 2019

There is a reason why two agents in the same office – with the same branding, marketing and listing tools – can yield very different results. Where one agent in an office might struggle, another might shine, and the difference is they have the traits of a top performer. Having the best skills, tools and resources does not guarantee success in real estate. Having the right mindset, attitude and systems are critical to becoming a successful real estate agent.

Over the years, LockedOn co-founder Aaron Shiner has worked with (and coached) some of the Australia & New Zealand’s best agents and has discovered the ten traits shared amongst real estate’s best.

We’ve created a short eBook titled The Ten Traits of Top Performers – a walkthrough of these common traits and the habits you can begin implementing in your day-to-day career to help you reach your goals. Download your copy here with our compliments, and ensure you finish 2019 strong and start 2020 the right way. List and sell!


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