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The Power of Points of Contact: Become a Real Estate Rockstar (Without the Chasing!)


Let's talk success. You get to define what that looks like for you in this business, but there's one key factor that separates the GO-TO agents from everyone else: points of contact.

Think of it like this: if your database doesn't hear from you, they won't remember you exist. That fancy email you sent once a year? Not enough. We're aiming for 9 to 15 points of contact a year. Here's the magic: at this point, they start to remember you!

Now, 18 to 24 contacts? That's where things get hot. You become a household name. This isn't some industry secret – I figured this out the hard way! Early on, I was all about the outbound chase. Calls, calls, calls. Then, something amazing happened. Around year three or four, the tables turned. People started calling me.

Why? Because I had consistently built connections through 20 to 24 points of contact. Here's the truth bomb: real estate isn't about how long you've been in the game, it's about staying top of mind.

Let me tell you, you can be a 10-year veteran and still be outsold by a 2-year newbie. The difference? Points of contact. The agent who stays connected wins. Simple as that.

So, the question is: how fast do you want to become the GO-TO agent? Spend five years getting those 24 points of contact, or do it in 18 months?


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