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The 7 essential buyer qualifying questions

resources Nov 11, 2019

As an industry, real estate agents spend millions of dollars a year building their buyer database – but often fail to correctly qualify these contacts. There is an art to turning a looker into a purchaser, and all too often the buyer qualification process is over-complicated – with too many questions that take too long to answer, that ultimately won’t lead them to a sale.

However, this need not be a complicated process. LockedOn Director and real estate sales coach Aaron Shiner has researched, battle-tested and complied a systemised ‘cheat sheet’ for buyer qualification.

These 7 questions cut through all the non-important details like a stealth bomber to target the heart of your buyer’s motivation. Download it, print it, and have it on your wall for easy reference – and simplify your buyer qualifications.


Download The 7 essential buyer qualifying questions


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