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Hunter vs Farmer: Discovering the difference

You hear the terms "hunters" and "farmers" thrown around a lot in Real Estate. Business owners and sales managers are always looking for good "hunters" — as they should. New business is the lifeblood of any Real Estate business. Without quality salespeople that know how to "hunt" for new appraisals and listings, a business can and will be in trouble. 

What’s the Difference between a Hunter vs Farmer in Real Estate?

The main difference in the hunter vs farmer sales approach is how they each go about finding new potential sellers and generating new listing appointments.

The “hunter” sales rep drives results by finding "now" sellers and converting them.

The “farmer,” on the other hand, generates results by nurturing and growing existing potential seller relationships. They cultivate what’s already there. 


Identifying if you are a farmer:

  • excel at cultivating potential seller loyalty.
  • excel at nurturing their potential seller database over time, they’re not scared of long appraisal follow-up cycles. (If your looking for a great database check out LockedOnIt's is easy to use and packed with powerful features to take your clients from check-in to sold, LockedOn is real estate software for high performers)
  • are nurturers; cultivating pipeline sellers by planting seeds and helping them grow.
  • are team players.
  • are good listeners.
  • are detail-oriented
  • excel at database engagement and add value to potential sellers'
  • want to improve and better understand their performance.
  • grow existing relationships.
  • utilize a more consultative sales (always looking to add value) approach.
  • develop an in-depth understanding of a customer’s needs to identify solutions.
  • have strong interpersonal skills.
  • execute customized solutions.


Identifying if you are a Hunter:

  • are skilled at finding new "now" sellers.
  • finding potential sellers and have the ability to bring them on the market now.
  • hunt for new business by prospecting and cold calling – turning over rocks and knocking on doors.
  • are curious, innovative, and independent.
  • love to network.
  • are driven to win.
  • thrive off of encouragement and recognition
  • are flexible with office rules and processes.
  • have strong wills, egos, and are drive very driven.
  • believe in the numbers game – increase the activity = increase the opportunities.
  • believe the commission, sales and listings are the ultimate scorecards.
  • are best at straightforward, listings and sales.


Which role do you most identify with? How can you strengthen the skills required for the other role?


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