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How to keep your business healthy during the Coronavirus


In this Webinar recording, I give you some simple and effective systems for the next 90 days ahead to make sure YOUR BUSINESS STAYS HEALTHY ...and we're going to do it by taking EXCELLENT care of the clients we serve and by building goodwill with our buyers and sellers.

Listen. If you want it to stay strong over the next few months, you need to watch this recording now.

You do NOT have to participate in the panic, there are things happening right now we have no control over but there are also things we can control and that’s the stuff I focus on in this training… Self-Isolation doesn’t mean hibernation.

This training is about taking CARE of our buyers, sellers and prospects. Right now, we're presented with an opportunity to really stand out by being there for our clients when they need us most.

I give you all kinds of examples on how to do this ...This is NOT a time for us to sit on our hands and do nothing. 

It's about making sure your business continues to THRIVE during these times of uncertainty.

I show you three simple steps you can action right away, and I'll take your questions live.

Here is what I know, things are moving rapidly and the agents who can make changes on the fly and adjust quickly will do better than the ones who are slow to act, In a “normal” market it is typically “the big who eats the small” in the market we are in right now it will be the “fast who eat the slow”

Watch the Webinar recording now and start taking action. We've got work to do.

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