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Get Off the Real Estate Rollercoaster: Implement the 5 & 3 Model to Master Lead Generation


Ever feel like a rockstar one month, overflowing with listings and client calls, then a ghost town the next, with tumbleweeds blowing through your empty calendar? This feast-or-famine cycle plagues new and seasoned agents alike.

The secret weapon? Consistent lead generation. But how do you carve out time for prospecting when you're already juggling a client circus?

In my latest video, I unveil the 5 & 3 Model, a game-changer for building a bulletproof pipeline of seller leads. Here's a sneak peek:

  • Focus on "Stock-In" Days: Imagine your business as a store. "Stock-in" days are dedicated to filling your shelves (your calendar) with new listings. The video dives deep into proven prospecting techniques to keep those shelves overflowing.
  • Don't Ditch "Stock-Out" Days: Once you've got listings, it's tempting to neglect prospecting. But that's a recipe for future famine! The 5 & 3 Model ensures you dedicate time to nurturing existing leads ("stock-out") while actively seeking new ones ("stock-in").
  • It's About Consistency, Not Rigidity: The 5 & 3 Model isn't a rigid schedule. It's about consistent action. The video explores how to break down prospecting into manageable "sprints" throughout your day, maximizing productivity.

The 5 & 3 Model is more than just a strategy – it's a mindset shift. It's about prioritising lead generation for long-term success.

Ready to ditch the feast-or-famine cycle and build a thriving real estate business? Watch the full video now and discover the 5 & 3 Model in action! You'll walk away with actionable steps to implement this system today and transform your lead generation game.


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