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Five Strategies for a Shifting Market: An Interview with Jason Rayner.


Get ready to thrive in a shifting market with our latest interview featuring the highly successful Jason Rayner. In this interview, we discuss five key strategies that will ensure you stay market fit for the next 12 months and beyond.

In today’s interview “Five Strategies for a shifting market”, we cover the essentials to ensure you are market fit for the next 12 months ahead, Including Jason's top five strategies to thrive in a shifting market.

Just a few of the things we will train on

  • Learn from Jason's experience and discover how he manages his energy.
  • We look at Jason's marketing plan to attract NOW sellers,
  • We discover how Jason structures his time effectively and stays motivated.
  • Discover how Jason and his team achieved such incredible success, expanding from a team of two to a staff of over 60 people in just eight years.

  • Moreover, in the past eight years, Jason and his property management team have grown the rent roll to over 1650 managements.

These are just a few of the things we cover in the interview.


You can read more about Jason Rayner below… Jason’s success as a super salesperson AND team leader leaves plenty of clues.

Take a look over Jason’s accomplishments.

  • Jason consistently lists 15+ properties per month.
  • Jason's office Mr. Real Estate Rockhampton sells over 450 properties per year.
  • Top five independent offices in Australia at the recent Rate My Agent Awards.

Our interview is a must-watch for any agent who wants to thrive in a shifting market. And as always, we are providing this interview with our compliments. So, please share it with your fellow agents and build some momentum together. 


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