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Five SMS templates to help you discover potential sellers in your database

We know… it’s nearly impossible to find anyone willing to sell their property right now. That’s why we’re making it easier to identify those potential sellers in your database BEFORE they make that decision. Here are 5 SMS templates that will help you find tomorrow’s seller today, even in today’s extremely tight market.

SMS has a 98% open rate and 90% of SMS are read within the first 3 minutes of being delivered!  SMS is the most powerful way (without calling) to engage your database and the best part is it’s quick and easy.

We’ve prepared a guide to SMS for real estate, with proven SMS templates that you can start using right away to engage your database, identify your potential sellers and book listing appointments all through the year – including the SMS template that produced $136k in commission over three months, from a $250 investment (a 500x ROI).

SMS templates that are included:  

  • Start of the New Year
  • End of financial year
  • Spring
  • Christmas
  • Just Sold

These 5 SMS templates are used by top agents around AUS/NZ to get more listings, all you need to do is copy and paste, update the template to suit, and click send. In under a minute, you can engage thousands of contacts with a personalized message that can achieve instant results.


Download the 5 SMS templates now


If you're looking for a super-fast and easy way to send bulk email and SMS messages to your database, take a look at LockedOn - a powerful real estate CRM and marketing platform that allows you to send personalised marketing to your entire database in minutes. Speak to the team and give it a try for free.


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