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A simple strategy for boosting seller confidence right now


In this short video, Aaron shares a simple strategy for boosting seller confidence right now!

The BEST way to show a potential seller now is a great time to come to market is to show them evidence in the form of a case study.

Here are the questions to ask your sellers on your “Case Study” video

  • Can you tell me the price you achieved/how much over the estimate was it?
  • How many buyers inspected the property?
  • How many offers were made?
  • How long was the property for sale?
  • How many web views did you have?
  • How many registered bidders did you have at the auction?
  • What would you say to someone who is thinking about selling right now?

What’s the difference between a testimonial video and a case study video? It’s simple, a testimonial video promotes you as the agent, a case study video explains why now is a great time to come to market showing all the facts and data from successful sales with you as their chosen agent.

This simple but effective system will help you secure a lot of sellers who may be on the fence.

Remember, these simple ideas are designed to help you get more wins as we start the year! Make February count and secure more listings today with this easy to implement case study system.


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