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Webinar replay: Transform Your Open Home Experience

working with buyers Apr 22, 2021

Just in case you missed our live Webinar “Transform Your Open Home Experience” with Aaron Shiner and Luke Newton, you can check out the recording below.

We had a full house on Wednesday morning, as we looked at the full inspection lifecycle from enquiry to contract – including how to deliver a world-class open home experience with contactless check-in (that will wow your future sellers), and how to update visitor information and send contracts in one click, on the fly.

We also looked at how automation technology takes your service up a notch by sending the right message at the right time (while saving you hours of work) and new ways to collect and report vital feedback to your vendor.

There are important takeaways in this webinar that you can action right away. Whether you’re just starting in the industry or are a seasoned agent, anyone can benefit from this training session. If you want to run an amazing open home, then check out the webinar recording below. Also, be sure to share this webinar recording with someone who needs to see it.


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