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Personal assistant to Principal in 5 years. An Interview with Alex Garden

motivation and mindset Sep 16, 2021

This Month’s webinar features a live interview and question time with Ray Whites youngest multi-office Principal Alex Garden (Ray White Beerwah & Ray White Mooloolah Valley QLD)

On this special feature LIVE interview Alex is going to take us inside the world of an elite selling principle and reveal the key actions that help Alex stay on top and how he continues to achieve rapid growth throughout his career. 

I have had the opportunity to coach and work with Alex since the first day he joined our industry and have worked with him ever since and I can say with certainty this is an Interview you will want to tune into. 

Take a look over Alex’s career highlights! 

  • Alex is in the top 1% of the Ray White Group (Elite status)
  • Alex is the youngest ever multi-office principle in the Ray White Group Australia
  • Alex is the youngest principal in the Ray White group QLD
  • Alex has grown his team from 6 to 16 staff in 18 months

Alex’s gift is to really connect with his clients (which is why they love him) and he’s passionate about delivering the very best client experience. You’ll discover exactly how he does this plus get many more solid business growth ideas during our webinar. 


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