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From Rookie to the number No.1 agent in his network in 3.5 years. An interview with Kyle Garrahy


A few weeks ago, Kyle won Professionals NSW prestigious No.1 agent for the highest number of transactions and second for Gross commission income all by the age of 23! Here is a real estate Interview that adds value.

We have one simple mission in this interview.  We are going to show you how Kyle went from Rookie to the number No.1 agent in his network within 3.5 years.

Kyle and I cover a lot of ground in this short interview and you’ll discover plenty of nuts and bolts ideas…make sure you catch Kyle’s very simple strategy towards the end of our interview where he shares a brilliantly simple daily success action that I believe is one of the best I’ve ever heard.

I have had the opportunity to coach and work with Kyle for the past two years and have worked with him ever since and I can say with certainty this is an Interview you will want to tune into.

Take a look over Kyle’s career highlights!

• No.1 Salesperson for Professionals NSW for the number of transactions
• No.2 Salesperson for Professionals NSW for gross commission.
• 64 Transactions completed in the past 12 months

In this special interview, Kyle is going to take us inside the world of an elite real estate sales professional and reveal the key actions that help Kyle achieve rapid growth throughout his career.

We discuss practical systems and habits and actions to help you gain traction quickly.

What I took away from this interview is Kyle’s deep commitment to helping his sellers and buyers achieve the real estate solution they are looking for. His demeanor and attitude telegraph his dedication to client care on a whole new level.


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