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The system that generated 72 appraisals in 30 days


In this short video, I Interview coaching client Ben Groundwater who has just completed 72 appraisals in 30 days... where he paid just $1.14 per lead.

Ben's going to show you step-by-step, play-by-play how you can set this system up in your business today. Watch the video and check out the links below and get implementing.

We call this video an ‘ugly duckling’. As you can probably tell this video was shot on a Zoom coaching session I did with Ben, we wanted to show you the "nuts and bolts" of the system and give you the links and resources so you can do this in your business. You won’t find any funky editing or cool camera angles. It’s raw and it’s short. But I’m pretty sure you’ll get the point. The system Ben shows you will help you book more listing appointments fast.... can I suggest you simply copy what Ben's doing to help you find more potential sellers today?

Here are the links we referenced in today's video 

  • Here is the link to view the promotion on Ben's Facebook page.
  • Here is the link to view Ben's digital appraisal questionnaire.
  • Here are the contact details for Ben Hawkey who helped Ben set up the chatbot function in Facebook messenger for this campaign. 

Please note. As we are showing live client data in today's training video we have blurred out client details such as name, address ect to adhere to privacy laws.



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