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5 Fundamentals of an ACTIONABLE Real Estate Business Plan

resources Oct 03, 2023

Achieving your goals begins with setting your goals correctly.  If you want to go to the next level in your real estate career, sometimes you need to do away with all the high-tech stuff and go back to basics – starting with a pen, calculator, and simple, straightforward, and effective business plan. And we’re here to help you make this happen.

There’s a lot more to business goal setting than simply writing down what you want. It takes planning and strategy, and I’m here to help you make this happen. 

Your real estate business plan is your greatest predictor of success because when done correctly, it serves as your guide for the entire year. Let me show you how to bring more certainty to what you’re able to achieve in 2024.

Our industry is shifting. With so much at stake. But even though the market might be full of uncertainty, that doesn’t mean that you have to be. With a finely tuned real estate business plan, the market can shift in any direction it wants without ever throwing you off balance.

Your business plan is your guide forward which cuts through the darkness and allows you to be certain of where you’re going.

Here are five fundamental elements that make up a truly effective real estate business plan

Real Estate Business Plan Fundamental No. 1: Clarity of Purpose.

Picture this: You can't reach your destination without knowing where you're headed. This principle is as fundamental as the air we breathe. You see, the universe aligns its forces to your desires, but it needs a clear signal.

Let me be crystal clear: "Making money by selling houses" won't cut it. You deserve more. Your purpose should be a beacon, guiding every step you take. Your values hold the key. List them out, and understand what truly matters to you. Your mission should be the living, breathing embodiment of these values.


Real Estate Business Plan Fundamental No. 2: Unwavering Motivation.

Now that you know what you want, WHY do you want it? The fact of the matter is that you will get tired and there will be times when you feel like getting complacent or not following through. In order to have a guaranteed way of refueling yourself and staying on track, you need to be very honest about what motivates you.

Fear of letting down my family, those who work for me, and the agents I serve is what honestly motivates me. These answers sound like what you’d hear from a LOT of people, but the truth is, sometimes people deceive themselves about what actually motivates them. This requires deep introspection. If money, lots of vacations, or status are what really inspire you to work at your best, you need to know that.

Real Estate Business Plan Fundamental No. 3: Units & KPI's Mastery.

Imagine this: in 2024, your business thrives despite market uncertainties. How? By mastering the art of tracking and measuring. 

Here's the secret: specificity and strategy are key. Ambitious goals need a roadmap. Without a plan, they're merely wishes. 🚀


Real Estate Business Plan Fundamental No. 4: Mastering Marketing & Lead Generation.

In 2024, your success hinges on your marketing prowess. It's not just about attracting new business; it's about a well-thought-out plan.

Ask yourself:

  • What's your current marketing strategy?
  • What's on your marketing horizon?
  • Crucially, what can you realistically afford?

Your budget and plan are the backbone, but strategy is your guiding star. Let's fine-tune your content, optimising where needed. We'll align your plan with actionable steps: yearly visions, quarterly goals, monthly targets, weekly plans, and daily tasks. for over 1500 marketing templates check out 🚀


Real Estate Business Plan Fundamental No. 5: Operational Excellence.

Running a business is one thing; understanding its core is another. If repetitive tasks yield inconsistent results, it's time for a change. Our mission here? Equipping you and your team (present or future) with the ultimate tools, resources, and SYSTEMS.

Efficiency is the key. We're here to fine-tune your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Think of it as streamlining your business engine. If your processes aren't rock solid yet, this is your focal point. Let’s transform your operations, ensuring more productivity with less effort. Together, we'll elevate your business to its peak performance. Ready to optimize? checkout LockedOn! 🛠️📈


When people hear the words “business plan”, they typically think of a 50-page document that has taken months to prepare – full of charts, projections, tables and other dry materials – which is great in some situations, but is a daunting task and often so overdone it becomes ineffective. So we’ve done away with complicated, mind-bending business plans and brought it back to basics. You can download the 2024 business plan here.

Our Real Estate Business Plan is exactly what you need if you have higher ambitions or desire more for yourself and your family. 

Download the Real Estate Business Plan here and get started.


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