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6 Ways TOP Agents are Preparing Now to Make 2024 Their Best Year Ever

motivation and mindset Jan 13, 2024

It’s been a massive year for many in our industry including myself with a record-breaking 630+ training sessions completed!

Over the past 12 months, I have had the privilege to work with a lot of top agents, team leaders, and business owners, and they are all gearing up to capitalise on the huge opportunities 2024 is likely to bring.

I have assembled a list of six activities you should be doing now to level up in 2024!

Ready? Let’s go!


Activity No. 1: Setting a North Star Goal

A North Star goal is setting a goal so big, so lofty, that every day you need to spend some time working towards achieving that goal. I like to call this goal “its not about the destination, but about the journey” goal.  There are so many intricate steps and so many hours of work involved in achieving this goal, that you learn and earn so much more in the journey towards the goal, than actually achieving the goal itself.  Most serious goal-setters use this type of goal-setting in conjunction with SMART goals that serve as sub-tasks to the larger North Star Goal.

Example – Writing 1 Million in GCI and hitting the monthly listings and sales targets


Activity No. 2: Business Planning & Budgeting

So the next one should be a no-brainer

Here in January, we’re in the heart of business planning and budgeting season for 2024.

It’s essential that you put your plan in place now because this business takes time to get to that end result…

Achieving your goals begins with setting your goals correctly. If you want to go to the next level in your real estate career, sometimes you need to do away with all the high-tech stuff and go back to basics – starting with a pen, calculator, and simple, straightforward and effective business plan. You can download my business plan here.


Activity No. 3: Create a Marketing Plan for both the Farm area and the Database

So now is the time to figure out how you’ll generate business for the year ahead AND how you’ll improve your conversion, and remember it’s not what who you know it’s about who knows you! What are you doing in 2024 to grow your profile? Review your plan to see what worked well in 2022 and double down on those activities in 2024! And what didn’t work, you should probably leave behind in 2022! What new avenues will you explore? 


Activity No. 4: Standard Operating Procedures & Hiring for Growth

There’s a lot of opportunity for growth on the horizon, but to capitalise on it, you need the right systems and people in place.

A business is only as good as the people who work in it! Always be on the lookout for great people to join your team. Once you have the right team ask yourself…

  • DO you have the right checklists and procedures in place for growth?
  • Do you have the right marketing strategy place?
  • Do you have your technology and tools running on automation?

If you answered no to those questions, you have work to do over the Christmas break.


Activity No. 5: Become the GO TO agent and Grow Your Personal Brand

What are you doing to stand out? How many videos are you shooting every month? How are you putting yourself out there in front of the people of your community to be known as the hyperlocal  GO TO agent?

Find the answers to those questions and amplify the power of your personal brand.


Activity No. 6: Become a Content Marketer

One of Zig Ziegler’s best quotes is “if you help enough get what they want you will get what you want” and in Real estate, there is no better way for you to engage and help your prospects. It’s pure and simple, we live in a content-driven world, and no one is creating enough content.

The best in the business realise we’re living in a “video-first” world and they are doing something about it. Are you?


I know if you follow these 6 steps, you’ll put yourself on the path to greatness in 2024

I am looking forwards to helping you level up in 2024.


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