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Aaron Shiner is one of the most in demand and effective real estate coaches today - an internationally renowned speaker that has been a drawcard at 733 training sessions in 2023.

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Aaron is a keynote speaker that regularly presents at large conferences such as AREC, Australia’s largest real estate conference.

Aaron specialises in in-house training, keynote speaking, corporate training programs and more. To secure Aaron Shiner as a speaker at your event, please complete the form below.

"Aaron is the best value-trainer on the market. No fluff or theory. Just proven ideas we can start using to get results. The team LOVE him and are truly inspired and empowered to go to the next level. "
- Alan Hodgson

"If you ever get the opportunity to use Aaron Shiner marketing ideas and concepts, just do it. His training material is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else in our industry."
- Trent Pool

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